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K-Gaming Network Announcements
PokeCube Alpha Testing

As everyone already knows sadly Pixelmon has received a C & D from The Pokemon Company, due to this Pixelmon shutdown and now hosting a server by pixelmon is against Minecraft's EULA. But thats alright! K-Gaming will continue. Currently we are still working on getting out the new Pokemon MMO we promised and the only thing that we have changed is it now is running with PokeCube and on 1.12. 

Alpha Testing will begin on August 8th!

The map is almost complete we have 14 towns in already and 3 Cities! Over the next few days we should have 2-4 more cities in. Alpha Testing will be around a week, then depending on the amount of bugs we will wipe and do another phase of testing. 

Easy to answer questions:

How do I apply for Alpha Testing?

Look up, Alpha Apply on the top bar

What about our Pixelmon Donations do they carry over?

No, A lot of those donations were for player advantages and due to the new server being about everyone working together to push to a future goal those donations would break how to the server works. PokeCube atm has no plan on adding a Donator Rank.

Will our pokes from Pixelmon be carried over?

No, that would take months on end! K-Gaming has tried our best to never have a pokemon data wipe over the 2 years and the only reason we wont be merging pokes is it isnt as simple as a drag and drop.

Will we be able to buy legendaries etc from store?

No, Only cosmetic items. K-Gaming is following the EULA of minecraft 100% now you can not buy anything to give yourself a advantage over another player.

How will Data/Poke Wipes work?

Ever Alpha Testing will be wiped. Only when we go into beta will you keep everything. (Unless Beta has a huge bug)

What is MMO?

Without going into a huge paragraph I will list off a few things, Questing, Rep to Unlock Gym Leaders, Dungeons, Events, Safari Zone, Battle Towers, Pvp Zones and more.

Pixel Showdown

[Owner] Karagra posted Jun 7, 17

Pixel Showdown Server is released! This server when you join is a giant arena where you spawn in with a Poke Editor and Creative mode to make your own teams! You can access this NPC from the Hub or from the Pixelmon Server (Find the NPC at spawn)

Congrats to Moirai for winning this weeks Tournament!

About PixelMMO - We are in the process of getting the Alpha Testing server ready for release! Alpha Testing means def player data and poke wipe. Those who choose to join and those who get picked will recieve ingame rewards on release. When we have a def release date we will post it here for you guys.