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Pixel Showdown

[Owner] Karagra posted Jun 7, 17

Pixel Showdown Server is released! This server when you join is a giant arena where you spawn in with a Poke Editor and Creative mode to make your own teams! You can access this NPC from the Hub or from the Pixelmon Server (Find the NPC at spawn)

Congrats to Moirai for winning this weeks Tournament!

About PixelMMO - We are in the process of getting the Alpha Testing server ready for release! Alpha Testing means def player data and poke wipe. Those who choose to join and those who get picked will recieve ingame rewards on release. When we have a def release date we will post it here for you guys.


[Owner] Karagra posted Mar 27, 17

Hey Trainers, please be sure to update your pixelmon client to verson 5.0.3 A good amount of bug fixes were added