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Please look here for instructions on how to get this module to work correctly.
Please look here for instructions on how to get this module to work correctly.
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PokeCube Alpha Testing

Alpha Phase 2

[Owner] Karagra posted Aug 19, 17

        Hey Trainers, just a little update for everyone, Phase 2 of alpha is being worked on right now I believe this alpha will be a bit bigger than what I posted below for testing. This alpha should have most of the main questline done throughout the entire map and all gen spawns in. I will update everyone when I have a exact date for you to test. Thanks to everyone who found crashes/bugs in phase 1!

Alright after carefully determining what we will be doing per Alpha Testing Phase I finally have a answer for everyone.

  • Phase 1: Spawn City1
  • Phase 2: Spawn City1,City2, (1) Town
  • Phase 3: Spawn City1,City2,City3, (6) Towns. (1) Battle Tower
  • Phase 4:Spawn City1,City2,City3,City4,City5,(11) Towns, (2) Battle Towers
  • Phase 5: Entire Map Unless there is a game breaking bug!

There will be no wipes between alpha phases. At the end of alpha testing all player data will be wiped and we will go into beta if I feel we are stable enough, Bugs, Exploits, Currency etc. Once we are in Beta testing there will be no more wipes (Ever). Again AT THE END OF ALPHA TESTING ALL DATA WILL BE WIPED.  

Alpha Testers Job:
Your job is to report all currency exploits, Quest Exploits, Map Exploits, Pokemon/Item Dupe Bugs (If anyone of these are not reported we will face a unwanted wipe once we hit beta phase. That is what Alpha is for! So trainers can enjoy a wipe free map forever.

You will report any bugs to Karagra if I am ingame, forums, or in the discord bug reports section.

Players found hiding exploits to gain a advantage after Alpha Testing will be removed from the server without question.